July 2020 – Travel

200707_TheAexandraWI_Mtg_Zoom_SteveFowler-02For our fourth members’ meeting on Zoom we were delighted to have Steve Fowler as the speaker on the subject of travel.

Steve introduced his talk by telling us he was born a Shropshire lad who emigrated with his family to New Zealand at seven years of age and believes this is where his love of travel started. The family travelled to New Zealand by ship calling at many ports on route, which included passing through the Suez Canal.  The stop in Bombay stands out in his mind as being very colourful, full of contrasts and as a young lad couldn’t understand why his parents gave away their food to those who guided them round the city.

Fifteen years later Steve returned to the UK with a one-way ticket. With the need to find employment he began by working as a tour guide on camping trips in Europe. This has continued over the years and with companies guiding mainly attracts Americans, Australia and New Zealanders who want to visit the main cities in Europe, including London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Florence, Paris, Salzburg and many more. Steve mentioned that the people usually get on well together.  Steve was asked about his favourite places to visit and they included holidays in India, japan, South Africa, and Portugal to name a few! Members then spoke of their favourite places to travel or holidays with a theme. An inspirational evening giving us a taste to visit those countries we are waiting to see.

– Rosemary Pettman