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National Federation of Women’s Institutes: the website of the National Federation, with further information on the WI, its campaigns and everything else.

Middlesex Federation of Women’s Institutes: the website of our ‘local’ Federation, which covers North and West London.

Denman College: the WI Denman college and Cookery and Crafts School is open to all WI Members and non-members, men and children. Based in Oxfordshire, it offers over 600 courses is a beutiful Georgian setting. Have a look at their course timetable and see what new skills you could learn.
Other pages you may find interesting, including some of our favourite speakers and places we’ve visited…

Fine Cell Work A charity changing lives of prisoners through needlework.

Tears of the Dragon Beautiful pearls from popular speaker Frances Benton.

Songworks Choir Local Crouch End community choir run by Denise Dobson.

Flyers Flying School We enjoyed a talk from inspiring pilot Vicky Farmer, based at Elstree airfield.

5 St Regis Close, Muswell Hill Susan Bennett’s fabulous garden, open as part of the National Garden Scheme.

Park Theatre Finsbury Park’s very own and very wonderful theatre. Our annual autumn outing venue.

Giggly Pig fantastic porky treats that you can pick up from Ally Pally farmer’s market from the inspiring Tracy Macknes.

Alexandra Palace the local people’s palace and park which hosts an exciting array of events for all.