September 2020 – Members’ Meeting

We continued our established September meeting tradition of hearing from our very own members about their lives. We’ve continued to have such positive feedback about it. Let’s be honest: everyone’s a little curious about everyone else, and we know it helps build our community. We can wholeheartedly recommend it to other WIs!

Fifteen members signed onto Zoom to hear two members speak about their work. Liz Crane spoke about her experience as a nurse and health visitor (including during the Covid-19 pandemic), giving interesting historical background to her work before telling us about modern day health visiting and how the virus had changed some of the work.

Haniya Dar spoke about International Development, and discussed the recent incorporation of International Aid into the Foreign Office. Haniya showed us pictures of her travels abroad and some of the influential people who saw how the money was used. Two inspirational women we are privileged to have in our WI.

Thank you so much to Liz and Haniya for sharing their stories with us.