March 2022 – Where’s the Make Up Lady?

Make-up artists are often asked to solve unexpected problems when they are working. We joined Rosemarie Swinfield on a light-hearted journey through her long career working in photography, film, commercials and theatre. We heard her stories of working with top models and actors with all the challenging and often hilarious things that can happen. Rosemarie has made up many famous people but also babies, tables, plants, dummy figures and even ten fingers dressed up as people. A make-up artist’s role is often so much more than slapping on make-up so join Rosemarie and learn what the job really involves.’

Rosemarie Swinfield

Gill announced our lanyard the competition for the AGM in May.

Ching provided an update from the charity knitting group which continues to focus on making items for people with dementia. Recent donations have been made to the Homerton and Barnet Hospitals.

Recent donations