September 2021 – Members’ Meeting

We always find our Members’ meetings to be very interesting and a great success and we weren’t disappointed. It was an engaging and interesting evening.

Sally spoke about the National Trust Young People’s Theatre, which sadly no longer exists.
June spoke about her nursing career and how things have changed over the years.

The evening finished up with a Show ’n Tell of Lockdown projects which included crochet, knitting, quilting, tatting and a lovely poem by Heulwen Morgan Reading called Freedom

Freedom –

Is it of the mind?

Is it of the body?

The mental kind

or physical agility?

Freedom is light, bright

to see positivity,

transforming to inner white light

that grey-black, heavy darkly

foreboding feeling.

A heavenly lift when seeing friends,

of birdsong sweetly filling the air.

Soothing green on the eye, leaves,

grass, foliage interspersed with care

between yellows, pinks, reds and blues

of fragrant flowers.

Freedom only comes after restriction.

“Don’t know what we had till it’s lost!”

Can’t wait to shop,

can’t wait to fly to warmer climes.

What an affliction, or is it obsession?

The habit of past times

remain without exemption.


Let’s live, laugh, enjoy,

do what we’re able,

fill our lives with mutual joy.

And remain stable.