June 2019 – A surprise meeting!

The June meeting turned out to be rather an unexpected event as we had to change it from the advertised one. Tracey Mackness from the Giggly Pig company, who was to be our guest speaker, was unable to come as she was unwell.  So disappointing for us, as she is a very good and inspirational speaker.  We wish her a speedy recovery and we will try to organise another date for her to return.

As we only knew about her inability to come shortly before the meeting was due to start, we had some quick thinking to do!  I am very pleased to say that after consulting our Plan B, Nina produced a discussion document consisting of a series of questions set to encourage discussion both on a humorous and serious level.  The questions included:  When were you happiest?  What is your guilty secret? What was the worst thing anyone said to you? What’s on your bucket list?  What was your best kiss?

Everyone was happy to give this a go,so after the usual business section we decided to split into  groups… and got chatting. There were 10 questions to answer by each person in the group, so everyone was engrossed in discussion for  about 30 minutes.  Everyone shared their own particular experience in answering the questions and this created a light hearted and relaxed atmosphere.

When all the groups had finished we had a feedback session, with responses shared ranging from the outright comical to the very poignant.

Just before we had tea, Jacque led us in a rendition of Happy Birthday for June: thank you Jacque.  June had made the most delicious strawberry and elderflower cake (National Trust recipe!), shortbread biscuits and chocolate brownies to mark her birthday.  Thank you June – they were delicious.  The strawberry and elderflower cake will be the first recipe in our WI recipe folder and I hope to collect many more recipes for the folder over the next year.

And another thing… In order to help the committee develop a varied future programme for the future we handed out a questionnaire at the end of the meeting.  This gives everyone an opportunity to have their say about The Alexandra WI (their WI!) and to make suggestions on how and what they would like to see in the future.