Gardening, Hats and Strawberries & Cream – June 2016

On a balmy June evening we gathered at CUFOS in Muswell Hill for a meeting to celebrate the best of (early) summer. We were joined by local gardening contractor Alfie Bines who shared with us the latest in garden trends and let us in on some secrets of constructing prize-winning gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show. Alfie then took questions from the floor: Good plants for shady spots? How to prune an out-of-control clematis? Is it okay to move plants? … Thank you Alfie for all your advice!

Then it was onto our decorated hat competition: fifteen ladies staged an impromptu hat parade for our guest judge Alfie, who admitted to being a novice in the art of hat judging. Alfie chose Norma’s beautiful purple creation from valerian as the winner: we hope Norma will find a spot for the Thunbergia (black-eyed susan climber) kindly donated by Alfie as first prize. Runners-up were Rosemary and Carol, who had also chosen freshly-picked blooms for their millinery creations.

It was then time for refreshments: thank you Rosemary and Norma for a spread of British strawberries and cream – a perfect way to end a lovely evening!