Denman Middlesex Room Embroidery

Middlesex Federation has requested that all its WIs make a 2 inch square embroidery, which represents their WI. The squares will be sewn together and hung in the Middlesex room in Denman College.

Our Sewing group maestro Helen tells how she created our square:

“Although small, the one I did took many hours. Denman sent the Aida fabric and gave a free hand as to design and stitches. I chose Alexandra Palace to represent us.

First I printed off a photo of Alexandra Palace. Then I used graph paper to do a design having measured the fabric and counted the squares within the overall size of the finished piece. Each square represents a possible stitch. Using another piece of Aida fabric I outlined the piece in stitches and did a test embroidery playing around with the design, stitches and colours.

When I was happy with the test piece, I used the given fabric to do the final embroidery.”

Great work, Helen! We now look forward to seeing the whole hanging!