Our Support of the Whittington Maternity Unit

This summer Maggie, Jayne and Rosemary presented a basketful of beautifully knitted baby hats and, blankets and a cheque for £200, to help fund a water fountain, to midwife Jenny Logan and the staff of the maternity department of our local hospital, the Whittington.

Having spent many months knitting away, the knitting group as well as other members of our WI have produced over 150 baby hats. As word of our project circulated we found friends and relatives were keen to help as well. So we were given wool and hats and a blanket or two by them. A truly combined effort!

Jenny and her team were so delighted with our knitting expertise that they have commissioned a new project for us. This one is a little more unusual and involves knitting breasts! Jenny tells us that they are a great aid to helping new mums learn techniques of breast feeding. We are delighted with this new project and we have already had a prototype produced by Jayne. So knitting group here we go!!