Rag rugging: November 2013 meeting

As the nights draw in and we all turn that thermostat up what could be better than using those cold evenings and weekends to create a rag rug? Not much, which is why Helen, one of our members, took us on a guide through rag rugging and demonstrating some of the basic techniques.

Not only that but we also got the chance to look at some of her own handiwork and admire some of the wonderfully creative (and published) designs of her mother-in-law.

We were all doubly spoilt by another member, Mary, who ran a card making session so we could all get a head start on the Christmas cards!

It was a fantastically fun meeting and it was lovely to be able to talk to old and new members and bond over a mutual love of crafting. Rag rugging was so popular that there was a serious fight for our raffle tickets through which could holders win a bodger, a fantastic rag rugging tool, so we can expect some beautifully made Alexandra WI rugs anytime soon!