May 2015 Meeting: Annual Meeting & Games Night

Our 2015 Annual Meeting was held on 5 May. First up on the agenda were the AGM formalities, including election of the Committee and President for 2015-16. Re-elected to the committee were Laura Dauny, Jayne Fowler, Rosemary Pettman, Emma Watson and Maggie Weatherby. We warmly welcome new committee members Nina Jewell and Ching Smith, and thank outgoing committee members Helen Parkinson and Charli Payne for their contributions. Thank you also to our Middlesex Federation reps for overseeing our AGM proceedings. Emma Watson was elected third President of The Alexandra WI.

Convenor of the Sewing Group, Helen Parkinson reminded everyone of the work of Project Linus, a charity which donates hand-made quilts to sick and vulnerable children and young people. Thank you Helen for introducing Project Linus to our WI, and for organising for the quilts made by the Knitting and Sewing group members to be on display at the AGM.

Then for the fun: our first games night! Much fun was had by all. Let us know if you’d like to do this again, or maybe an outing to a board games café could be an idea?