May 2013 Meeting: Icing Cakes with Velvet Rose

April’s meeting was a feast of Annual Meeting business and sugary icing – a perfect WI combination!

Firstly it was our Annual Meeting so we cast our eye over all the great things that we have done this year. We also elected some new committee members and said goodbye to our president, Tori, who has done more than a sterling job over the last two years. We have a lot to thank her for and I know our members think she has been a great President! Laura Dauny was elected President for the year 2013-14.

After the official business we donned our aprons and got to grips with our icing bags with the lovely Rose from Velvet Rose cakes! She taught us how to make a perfect bakery swirl as well as a beautiful icing rose so now we can all make cakes worthy of Mary Berry!